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Pilot Plant

We operate a Pilot Plant facility in the United Kingdom, specifically designed for testing materials and verifying process requirements on an industrial scale. This state-of-the-art facility is backed by a fully-equipped laboratory that employs a wide array of analytical techniques to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and precision.

Atritor Pilot Plant

Pilot Plant

The Pilot Plant can test up to 2 tonnes of material per hour, allowing us to evaluate various factors such as particle size distribution, density, moisture, and carbon content.

The facility also enables us to determine power consumption, overall capacity, thermal demand, wear and throughput rates as we scale up operations.

All these assessments are essential in understanding the specific characteristics and requirements of diverse materials, which ultimately contribute to developing tailored solutions for our clients.

Our laboratory supports the Pilot Plant to allow us to immediately analyse product samples.

This ensures that our experiments remain precise, reliable, and relevant to our clients’ real-world scenarios. The laboratory’s equipment is operated by highly skilled and experienced professionals who diligently work to ensure the utmost accuracy in their analyses.

How the tests and analysis are used in design

The data collected during the testing phase at our Pilot Plant facility is invaluable to our design engineers, as it provides them with a wealth of insights that aid in developing bespoke solutions. This informs our engineers on equipment selection, process optimisation, and overall system design, ensuring that our clients receive a highly efficient and effective solution for their specific material.

By employing our Pilot Plant facility, we can significantly reduce the risks associated with scaling up a process from laboratory to full-scale production. Our facility allows us to identify and address potential issues early in the development process, minimising the likelihood of costly surprises during the implementation phase.
The Pilot Plant stage in a project enables us to optimise process parameters and equipment configurations, which can lead to significant cost savings and improved performance for our clients in the long run.


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