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We are Atritor, we solve material processing challenges through drying, milling and separation

Pilot Plant

Our production scale Pilot Plant facility in the UK can test materials and prove process requirements at scale. Read more

Spares & Maintenance

We manufacture a range of spares in-house in Coventry, using our foundry and machine shop, offering an efficient, flexible service. Read more

Case studies

Read our case studies for details of some of the projects that we have worked on with clients from all over the world. Read more

Materials & Applications

We design and build tailored solutions to process materials using single or multi-stage operations. Use our handy tool to select your material and see the different processes we can design and build solutions for.

We have a database of over 500 categories of material and 1000s of test results. Accumulated over seventy-five years, they provide detailed insight into the characteristics and performance of materials.

Drying technologies


Atritor mills can take materials of up to 98% moisture and dry and mill them simultaneously. Designing a drying process requires recognition of the characteristics of a material, in particular, how it may be adversely affected by heat.

Fine milling

Fine Milling

Typically used to reduce the size of particles in various materials, including minerals, metals, ceramics, and food products. Atritor fine milling processes can generate a mean particle size as small as 20 microns, or less than 5-10 microns with a combination of deagglomeration and milling.

Atritor Deagglomeration icon - Dispersion of wet ground filter cakes and slurries using drying and turbulence to disperse it to its natural state.


Used for breaking down large clusters or agglomerates of particles into smaller, individual particles. Particularly useful when it is essential to have consistent and uniform particle sizes for optimal product performance and quality.

Atritor Classifying icon - For applications where a tightly controlled particle size distribution or top-size is required, or when there is a need to remove impurities.


When a tightly controlled particle size, distribution or top size is required or where there is a requirement to remove impurities from the raw material. Classification can be an integral part of the process with Atritor air classifier mills.




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Solving materials processing challenges

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