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Atritor Cell Mill

Cell Mill

The Atritor Cell Mill is a highly efficient mechanical mill with multiple rotors mounted on a vertical shaft.

The construction is modular, providing great versatility for customised design.

It will produce material with mean particle sizes below 20 microns and can be fitted with an integral dynamic classifier if the control of top size is particularly important.

Product quality is optimised by control of mill speed through a frequency inverter, which also limits the starting current.

As an air-swept mill this versatile unit is an effective flash dryer and, in some circumstances, can be fed directly with a slurry, producing a dry, fine powder. Contact parts can be manufactured in many materials to suit most applications.

The Cell Mill is extensive in its applications, ranging from minerals through chemical, dyes and pigments to foodstuffs.

The Atritor Cell Mill
Atritor Cell Mill detail
Atritor Cell Mill side view
Cell Mill manufacturing

Want to know more about the Cell Mill?

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Atritor Cell Mill cutaway diagram