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Atritor AST Dryer

AST Dryer

The Air-Swept Tubular Dryer is a new concept in drying technology. It will process anything from low solids slurries to low moisture powders.

The flow of material through the dryer is controlled so that the product may be a fine, dry powder or a moist granular material.

Three separate zones in the dryer control the rate of drying with the central retention zone determining the residual moisture content and physical size of the product.

High temperature differentials are used but as with most flash dryers, the product temperature is lower than the wet-bulb temperature of the system.

The heat source for the dryer is an oil or gas fired hot air generator, usually integrated with the drying cylinder.

Product collection can be directly from the final zone of the drying tube, from a cyclone or from a bag filter. The dryer is manufactured in nine sizes with evaporation rates as high as 8,000kg/hr.

Atritor Air Swept Tubular Dryer
Atritor AST Dryer in production
Atritor AST Dryer
Atritor AST Dryer in position

Want to know more details about the AST Dryer?

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Atritor AST Dryer cutaway diagram