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Spares & Maintenance

Atritor products are robust, and many plants installed when we started business in 1980 still work reliably today. We recommend you repair and maintain your equipment regularly to get the most out of your Atritor solution.

Support from the Atritor aftersales team

The interval time between scheduled maintenance will depend on your equipment and the material you are processing. The more abrasive the material you process, the more maintenance that will be required.

We manufacture a range of spares in-house in Coventry, UK, using our on-site foundry and machine shop.

Contact our Spares & Maintenance team using the form below if you need advice on wear, essential maintenance intervals, a Service Engineer visit, stock, or an order. 

Please note: We are experiencing a high demand for spare parts and want to ensure you get the service you need to keep your plant running smoothly. Currently, lead times are 12 weeks for spare parts and 16 weeks for special large orders. If your order is required earlier and we can satisfy your request, we stock emergency spares; these carry a premium of 50% on standard prices.

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Keeping your plant running smoothly

Follow our simple recommendations to help you keep your plant running as smoothly as possible.

  1. Carry a stock of spare parts for emergency breakdowns. Plant breakdown could add cost to downtime and disappoint your customers.
  2. Place your order at least 12 weeks before scheduled maintenance, or carry some stock.
  3. Carry stock and avoid the 50% premium for emergency orders. There is also a risk we may not be able to bring your order forward.
  4. If you need to service or maintain your equipment but lack in-house expertise, we have experienced Service Engineers that can visit your site. Use the contact form above to find out more and to get a quote.